eVolve is a Rwandan based software company. The company is the child of 37 Software Solutions Ltd, a UK software and web agency. It was created to breath fresh air of professionalism into the Rwandan software industry. eVolve inherits the experience, the know how and professionalism that 37 Software Solutions has gained within the UK software industry. We are an enterprise software, web development, branding and consultancy firm in Rwanda. We work with corporate organisations, NGOs to develop their technology and branding strategy. eVolve strives for a win win experience for our clients. We want to eVolve your business to the next level.

  • Mission

    What drives Us

    eVolve is a software and web agency based in Rwanda that aims to build cutting edge entreprise software solutions for its clients. We stand out by our passion and professionalism in our daily transactions.

  • Our Staff

    We refute traditional staff

    eVolve employment policy is based on creative passion, enthusiasm and mostly the technical know how. We defy the conventional recruitment based on qualifications alone. Our staff strive to learn and stay updated on the latest technologies.

  • Humble Beginings

    Perfect Start

    The first assignment was working with Sony SCEE, the European branch working on a web Customer Relationship Manager(CRM) tool to support the creation, sales of games and the communication between publishers.

  • October 2014

    eVolve Expansion & 37 Software Founding

    The founder: Richard Migambi, the founder of eVolve has more than 8 years in the software industry as a programmer, business analyst and a project manager. He has worked for some of the international companies such as IBM, SONY, HASBRO before founding 37 Software Solutions Ltd in 2012 in UK.


    It begins with a simple call or mail

    Telecom House,Kacyiru, Kigali-Rwanda
    Rw: +250 788 397938
    UK: +44 7882 721756
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At eVolve, we specialise in enterprise software development, web development, branding and consultancy services. We work with corporate organisations, NGOs to develop their technology and branding strategy. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to discuss any requirements You can see some of our previous work and contact us.

Enterprise Software Development

eVolve is dedicated to developing enterprise software solutions that give your enterprise a cutting edge. We develop both desktop and online applications. Whether it's content management system like WordPress or TYPO3 you're after, an e-commerce website or any web database application we can help.

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Responsive Design & Branding Strategy

We recognise that when you need to build your online brand, you need to do it in style. This is the reason why we use a mobile first design approach when we build your online applications. We know you business cannot ignore multiple devices used by your users and customers. We design for the desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We call this responsive design.

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Consultancy Services

At eVolve we believe the technology is there to support the business processes. This is why we have developed a know how on the developping adequate processes as well as the technology to support them. We can help your organisation on developping winning processes, project management and impact evaluation

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Legit CRM

Legit CRM

Customer Management Relations Tool


Click on the desired image below to view related work. Bellow is a grimpse in to our long portfolio of the work we've layed our hands on, click here for a more detailed portfolio of eVolve Limited.

Domus Limited

Domus Limited

UI Design, Graphics & Website Crafting

Renewal Org

The Renewal Center

Online CRM

Trade Mark EA

Trademark EA

Consultancy Services

Client Testimonials

  • Richard and eVolve have become a vital part of meeting our IT needs. They've spent the time to deeply learn our specialized needs, the quality of their work is high, they deliver according to schedule, and they are always immediately responsive when we encounter a problem.

    Jimmy McWhinney, The Renewal Center, Shanghai China
  • "Richard has been working on a bespoke product ordering & production system for us for some while and throughout the process Richard has been reliable and efficient in all that he has done. I would not have any hesitation in recommending his services to others." ."

    Martin Froud, Custom Blinds, Fareham England
  • ''Thank you for the great service and on going support, I am sure that without your help my business would not be as successful as it is today! I would happily recommend your service to anyone that may benefit"''

    Nick White, Portsmouth Man and van, Portsmouth England

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